Although my job is in software, coding is also one of my main hobbies! My main language is python. I use it regularly for web development, data analysis, and other bits and bobs. I like elixir for highly concurrent webapps. Frontend-wise I will usually go for react / next.js with typescript, or plain old HTML/CSS/JS. I'm familiar with way too many creative coding languages: max/MSP and Pd, arduino and processing, some unity3d, blender and a bit more.


I play an instrument since... forever! Started with sax and piano as a kid. Picked up bass guitar at 14 and played in a few rock bands since then. Got into electronic music in 2017 and shortly after started performing improvised modular jams under the alias nagasaki45. Recently teamed up with digital selves to perform together as IDMT?

Board games

Enjoy playing board games for many years, and got deeper into the hobby ~2018. Favourite game at the moment is Inis. I play on a weekly basis, so if you're into that drop me a line!


Bouldering regularly at Mile End Climbing Wall. On a good day I might even manage a V5. Recently got into cycling, and especially bikepacking. Always try to escape the city on the weekends for a night in the tent and some scenic rides. There's no such thing as too many hobbies, right?


Started sewing to make bags for my bike. Now developing some ambition for larger projects. Get my saw and chisels out and do some carpentry when I need new furniture. Also, design and build some simple modules for my synth. You see, my hobbies feed themselves.